How to Surf Anonymously

One of the most interesting things which people discuss online is how to successfully surf the web anonymously. Once you go through this article, you will understand how to do so successfully without raising suspicion. The fact that a lot of persons have accepted that there is need to protect the information they obtain or send through the internet is one good reason why you should learn the basics of how it is done. What happens is that you are assigned an internet protocol address, which is combination of numbers that are specifically assigned to you by the internet service provider.

Therefore, once you are connected to the internet, your identity becomes known and is taken down. On the other hand, security experts say that it is possible to use your internet protocol address to hack n your documents and steal your identity online. If you want to keep your files and other important information safe from scammers and hackers, then it is vital that you surf anonymously.

There are issues that relate to IP addresses which can be tackled with certain measures. An example is surfing via free proxy servers to hide your IP. Although this is a free service, there are cons attached to it. If you are visiting sites with tight security features, then you need a more innovative server than free proxy.

In addition to this, if you handle classified files, do not consider this method. Recent studies show that a number of them give premium services. It is therefore your duty to decide how to surf anonymously. A free proxy server is however a good start for those who do not constantly use the internet. Such people should however be on the lookout for dangerous websites. They may be potential threats which could make the systems you use vulnerable because of the work they do.

In order to get rid of scammers and hackers, it is high time you installed hide IP software to your system. With this software, you are able to mask your IP every time you connect to the internet. If you are a constant user of the internet, this software is highly recommended. The good news about using this software is that it does not slow your system down. Your internet connections will also not be affected. You can actually configure it to not just meet your current needs, but your future ones as well. You can configure it to automatically choose and alter IP addresses according to set time.

If you are looking for a reliable and secure way to hide your IP address, consider using a VPN provider like HideMyAss Pro! VPN. Click this link for a full HideMyAss review. If you want to virtually connect from France, you should get a VPN in France.


The Best iPhone Games of 2013

Thanks to modern advancements in the technology and communications industry, there always are new things that are being invented and subsequently released to the market. A variety of iPhone brands have been designed over the years and they come with a range of features that support and run graphical contents and applications such as mobile games. In that case therefore, game lovers have got the opportunity smile since a large number of iPhone games have been released in recent times so as to meet the ever increasing demand for the same.

There are many types of iPhone games that you can choose to install or store on your iPhone. Here is a selection of some of the best; the ones that have created a buzz in the most recent months:


If you love space shooter iPhone games, this is one of the games which you simply cannot choose to overlook. It comes with amazing features, graphics and a design art that will definitely move you to the permanent location. When you are playing this game, you will find it fun controlling the plane while it is in space and as it competes against other players. This is also a platform that incorporates stealth and swordplay. You therefore ought to have a big heart in order to play this game in the right manner.

Across Age Dx

This is another interesting game to play on your iPhone. In fact, if there are any high designed releases of iPhone games that have been witnessed in the recent times, this must be part of the list. With the ever flourishing graphics and a storyline that involves a girl that is being escorted through dungeons via the use of hidden powers, you simply cannot get the most of this game. You will always want to keep on playing it during your free time.

Call of Duty – World at War – Zombies

Ever since its release, the world at war: zombies have risen through the ranks consistently to being one of the most loved and preferred iPhone games in the modern day. There really is no doubt that this is one of the most preferred games today. It features sharp graphics, quality design and artwork. It is simply interesting and fun to play this kind of a game.

Doom Classic

This is more of a first person kind of video game that requires you to fight successfully in space marines settings against Hell Legion. It is a 3D production and that means you get to enjoy high degrees of interactivity and intuitiveness.

This article was written with the help of a tech expert specialized in video games, software applications and Web hosting.